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Personalized Luggage Tags

  • Our unbreakable personalized luggage tags can be used to tag school bags, backpacks, sports bags, swimming bags, gym bags, laptop bags, suitcases, carry-ons, and any travel luggage.
  • Our luggage Tags are available in 2 options: Regular and Premium. The Regular Luggage Tag is made of unbreakable PVC Plastic with printed waterproof stickers applied on both sides.  The Premium Luggage Tag is made of Sturdy High-Quality PVC Plastic and printed edge-to-edge on both sides
  • The luggage tag can be easily attached to any bag or suitcase with a lanyard 
  • Our  2-sided unbreakable bag tags will stand out, you will never lose your bag again.
  • With a wide range of designs, there is something for everyone. 
  • You can personalize with name and optionally with address & contact no. to make sure your bags are always safe and do not get lost or misplaced.
  • Our unique transparent-finish Bag Tags are durable and high-quality.

Personalize Your Travel Experience with Custom Luggage Tags

Welcome to Chatterbox Labels, your ultimate destination for Personalized Luggage Tags that are as unique as you are. Say goodbye to generic luggage tags and embrace a world of customization, identification, and travel aesthetics that perfectly reflect your individuality.

Secure your Bag with Personalized Luggage Tags

Tired of your luggage blending in with the crowd? Our Custom Luggage Tags are designed to make your bags pop, ensuring you spot them from a mile away. No more mix-ups or lost bags – our personalized tags help your belongings find their way back to you while adding a touch of style to your travel gear.

Perfect Gift for Travel Lovers

Are you looking for the ideal gift for your wanderlust-stricken friends and family? Our Personalized Luggage Tags make for thoughtful and practical presents that show you care. Help your loved ones embark on their journeys with a touch of elegance and uniqueness that can only come from a customized tag.

Travel in Style: Add Beauty to your luggage

Whether you're a jet-setting fashionista, an adventure-seeking explorer, or a business traveller with a taste for the finer things, our Custom Luggage Tags are here to complement your travel aesthetics. From capturing your favourite destinations to showcasing your hobbies and interests, our tags add a personal flair to your luggage.

Unmatched Quality & Durability

We understand that travel can be tough on your belongings. That's why our Custom Luggage Tags are built to withstand the rigours of the road. Crafted from high-quality materials, these tags are your trusted companions on every journey, ensuring your bags remain secure and your style remains intact.

Your Favourite Design Luggage Tags Options

At Chatterbox Labels, we believe in putting you in control. You can create a luggage tag that speaks volumes about your personality with various designs, colours, shapes, and customisation options. Add your name, contact information, or a special message – yours.

See It Before You Buy It

Are you curious about how your custom tag will look? Our innovative preview and visualization tools allow you to see your design come to life before purchasing. It's your chance to ensure every detail is perfect before your tag goes into production.

Travel with Confidence

Read reviews and testimonials from fellow travellers who have elevated their journeys with our Personalized Luggage Tags. Gain insights into design options, durability, and overall satisfaction, and embark on your adventure with confidence.

Easy Ordering Process & Swift Delivery

Experience a seamless and user-friendly ordering process that puts you in the driver's seat. Customize your tag effortlessly, follow clear instructions, and have your unique creation shipped to your doorstep quickly. Travel planning has never been this convenient.

Elevate your travel experience with Personalized Luggage Tags from Chatterbox Labels. Unleash your creativity, enhance security, and make a statement wherever your journey takes you. Travel smart, travel stylish – travel with your custom tag.

FAQs on Personalized Luggage Tags

1.  Why should I choose personalized luggage tags? 

A: Personalized tags help your luggage stand out and reflect your style, making identification easier.

2.  How do personalized luggage tags enhance security? 

A: Custom tags prevent mix-ups, ensuring your bags are easily recognizable and reducing the risk of loss.

3.  Are personalized luggage tags suitable as gifts? 

A: Yes, they make thoughtful gifts, adding a personal touch to your loved ones' travel gear.

4.  Can I match personalized tags to my travel aesthetics? 

A: Absolutely. You can choose from over 50 exciting and elegant designs, so you should find something that aligns with your style

5. What is the luggage tag suitable for?

A: Our luggage tags are ideal for any travel luggage, as well as School bags, lunch bags, swimming bags, gym bags 

6.  Are personalized luggage tags durable? 

A: Yes, our tags are crafted from high-quality materials to withstand travel wear and tear. The Premium bag tag is made of Sturdy, High-Quality PVC Plastic. The Regular Bag Tag is made of unbreakable PVC Plastic 

7. What is the difference between regular and premium luggage tags? 

The Premium bag tag is made of Sturdy, High-Quality PVC Plastic and printed edge-to-edge on both sides. The Regular Bag Tag is made of unbreakable PVC Plastic with printed waterproof stickers applied on both sides

8.  How can I customize my luggage tag? 

A: You can add the Full name(On the front), Contact number, and address(On the back) during the ordering process. Contact Number and address are option fields

9.  Why should I read reviews from other travellers? 

A: Reviews provide insights into design options, durability, and overall satisfaction.

10.  Is the ordering process user-friendly? 

A: Absolutely, our simple process allows you to create and order your custom tag effortlessly. Also, we use RazorPay as our preferred payment provider, which ensures your payment details are completely secure. Razorpay is compliant with leading industry standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and SOC2

11. How soon will I receive my personalized luggage tag? 

A: We take 2 days to ship the order and it may take our courier partners 2-3 days for delivery. Please order on time to ensure your tag arrives before your next trip. Check out our shipping policy for delivery.

12. What are the payment methods accepted?

A: We accept Debit cards, Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard RuPay, Amex), net banking, UPI, and Wallet.

13. Do you provide returns and cancellations?

A: Since this is a personalized product we do not provide returns and cancellations. However, if the product is damaged or in case of a printing mistake we will gladly ship a replacement or refund as per your wish.