Personalized Wrapping Papers

  • If you like to gift in style, you should definitely get a set of our personalized wrapping paper. We provide one of the biggest sizes available in the market. 
  • A whopping size of 36" x 24" is more than double the size our competitors offer for personalized wrapping paper. 
  • Go ahead and gift-wrap those large presents with ease!

Imagine the joy on their face when they receive a beautifully wrapped gift with their name or a special message! Are you tired of generic gift wrapping paper that lacks that personal touch? Look no further! At Chatterbox Labels, we craft exquisite personalized gift wrapping paper to add a unique and memorable element to your gifts. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, our custom gift wrapping paper is designed to make your presents stand out.

What makes personalized gift wrapping paper evoke happiness?

When you think of gift-giving, what comes to mind? It's not just about the gift itself but also the presentation. Our personalized gift-wrapping paper takes your gifting experience to the next level. With a wide selection of design themes, you can choose the perfect one to suit the occasion and the recipient's taste.

Our Range of Large Gift Wrapping Sheets

  • Personalized Gift Paper in Large Size

    Our personalized gift paper is now available in a larger size, measuring an impressive 36" x 24". These large sheets are perfect for wrapping substantial gifts or creating stunning decorative displays.

    • Diverse Themes to Choose From

    At Chatterbox Labels, we offer extensive themes for your large gift wrapping paper. Whether it's the Bunny Theme, Vroom Vroom Car Theme, Unicorn Theme, Dino Theme, Rainbow Skies Theme, Happy Diwali Theme, or many more, you'll find the perfect design to match your occasion and recipient's preferences.

    • Generous Quantity

      Each order of our large size personalized gift wrapping paper includes 10 sheets. This means you have plenty of design options available for different occasions including Diwali, Christmas, new year, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

      Ordering Gift Wrapping Paper

      Gone are the days of rushing to the store to buy generic gift wraps. With Chatterbox Labels, you can order your large gift wrapping sheets online. Simply browse our website, choose your design, customize it per your preference, and have it delivered to your doorstep. It's that easy!

      Add Excitement and Fun to Your Gifting

      Our large size personalized gift wrapping paper is not limited to just one occasion. Enhance the joy of your gift-giving moments with these wrapping papers, perfect for birthdays, return gifts, anniversaries, weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. These vibrant, themed sheets will surely delight children and adults alike.

      At Chatterbox Labels, How you present a gift holds equal importance alongside the gift itself. Our large personalized gift wrapping sheets allow you to tangibly express your love, appreciation, and creativity. Make every occasion memorable with our custom gift-wrapping solutions. Order your personalized gift wrapping paper today and elevate your gifting experience to new heights!

      FAQs on Gift Wrapping Paper

      What paper is used for gift wrapping?

      Our gift wrapping paper is made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials that combine durability with ease of use. We use materials that enhance the presentation and contribute to a sustainable environment.

      How do you wrap a gift quickly?

      We understand that only some people are gift-wrapping experts. That's why we provide easy-to-follow tutorials and tips on our website. You'll find step-by-step guides that make wrapping a gift at home a breeze.

      How to wrap a Diwali gift?

      To wrap a Diwali gift, choose from our festive designs that capture the spirit of the occasion, including our exclusive Happy Diwali Theme. Add some traditional embellishments like diyas or rangoli stickers for an authentic touch.

      What is the purpose of wrapping paper?

      Wrapping paper serves multiple purposes. It introduces an aspect of surprise and excitement into giving a gift. It also conceals the gift, heightening the excitement of unwrapping. Plus, it shows you've put thought and effort into your gift.

      What materials do you need to wrap a gift?

      You'll need our personalized gift wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a gift box to wrap a gift. You can find all these materials conveniently on our website, ensuring a hassle-free gift-wrapping experience.

      What are the 5 gift wrapping ideas?

      Our blog regularly shares creative gift wrapping ideas that go beyond the basics. From using natural elements like leaves and twine to incorporating origami techniques, we offer unique and inspiring ideas for your gift presentations. Check out our blogs.

      Can you make your own wrapping paper?

      Absolutely! With our custom gift wrapping paper option, Feel free to express your creativity by crafting your own custom wrapping paper. It's a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your gifts and showcase your artistic side.