Personalized Coasters

Personalized Acrylic Coasters will reflect your style when you are hosting. These custom coasters with your name will be a topic of conversation at your party. Personalized drink coasters are the perfect accessory for your bar, dining table, coffee tea lounges, home, and office. Prevent your furniture from spills, marks, and damage. It also makes the perfect gift for your family and friends as wedding favors, anniversaries, housewarming celebration, birthdays, or any special occasions. Printed on transparent acrylic it provides great utility and a trendy look.

Custom Coasters: Elevating Your Hosting Style

When you search for "Personalized Coasters," you're likely envisioning an accessory that not only protects your furniture but also adds a unique touch to your home or office decor. At Chatterbox Labels, we offer Personalized Acrylic Coasters that go beyond the ordinary and reflect your style when you're hosting any gathering.

A Conversation Starter at Your Party

Our custom coasters, bearing your name, are bound to be a topic of conversation at your party. They add a personalized and trendy element to your bar, dining table, coffee and tea lounges, home, and office. These coasters not only serve a functional purpose in preventing spills, marks, and damage to your furniture but also make a style statement.

Perfect for Various Occasions

Personalized drink coasters have a universal appeal and make excellent gifts for family and friends on various occasions. Whether it's a wedding favor, anniversary celebration, housewarming party, birthday, or any special event, these coasters are a thoughtful and practical choice. They not only protect your loved ones' furniture but also add a personal touch to their space.

Quality and Utility Combined

Our Personalized Acrylic Coasters are printed on transparent acrylic using specialized techniques, ensuring long-lasting prints. The transparent nature of the material provides a modern and sleek appearance that complements any setting. Additionally, the coasters are water-resistant and easy to clean.

Personalization Options

Adding a personal touch to your coasters is easy and convenient. You can personalize them with your name, company name, or any message of up to three words. By default, the coasters are printed in the elegant Valencia font. If you have a specific font in mind, you can easily customize it. WhatsApp us with your order ID at 9967285448, or mention the font name by clicking on "Add a note to your order" on the Cart page, ensuring that your preferences are clear. From “Cheers with Choudhary’s” to “Koffee with Khoslas”, we suggest you get creative with the personalization and are happy to offer suggestions. 

Each Set Contains

Each set of Personalized Acrylic Coasters includes six custom-printed coasters designed with stylish paint strokes. These coasters measure 4 inches in diameter and have a thickness of 5mm, making them sturdy and substantial. They not only enhance your hosting experience but also protect your furniture effectively.

Elevate Your Hosting Style with Chatterbox Labels

Transform your hosting style and protect your furniture in a personalized and stylish way with our Personalized Coasters. These coasters are more than just functional; they're a reflection of your unique style and thoughtfulness. Make them a part of your home or office, or gift them to your loved ones to show your appreciation and care.

Explore our collection of Personalized Acrylic Coasters and discover how they can enhance your hosting experiences and decor. Add a touch of personalization, quality, and style to your bar or living room with Chatterbox Labels.