Our Story

Our journey started in 2009 as provider of customized and highly personalized gifts.

As my child started pre-school, I realized the importance of labeling when I found him constantly losing and misplacing things. I started making labels for him and then soon for a few friends. It was like this opportunity was just waiting for me, soon I had orders pouring in and everyone came back with great feedback and demand for newer products.

Labelling every item related to the kids and their school is very essential so its easier for your child to identify their own items. It will stop others from taking what isn't theirs and if it gets lost, having it labelled with their name will help it get returned. Permanent markers don’t help because they are unsafe/toxic and get washed off after a few washes.

We gradually scaled our business operations to develop a strong backend supply and printing while design needs are taken care of by the founder.

Chatterbox is now a leading supplier of waterproof sticker solutions to thousands of children and parents nationwide in the last 10 years including several celebrity and Bollywood clients in Mumbai.  We exclusively serve labeling needs of over 50 leading schools in India.  We have also branched into catering to needs of businesses and serve almost 20 companies of all sizes. After a successful launch on Amazon in 2019 we were able to reach to every nook and corner of the country. In the summer of 2020 we have launched are own website where we would love to connect with our customers even more deeply and share our brand experience

At Chatterbox we take pride in personally connecting with our clients, and always love in creating stickers and labels which suit your individual needs.  Our specialty is that we create custom orders and being a mother of a school going child myself I totally understand what other mothers are looking for. With continuous research and with a zest to always provide the best quality possible, we constantly keep upgrading our products in line with continually evolving technology.

What more do I need to say, it gives me immense pleasure when I have customers return to me every year with smiling faces and repeat orders.

So come join our little family and order with us. I can personally guarantee 100% satisfaction on every order placed with us

Label your world with Chatterbox!


Shrishti Bagaria